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Decolonizing the Israel / Palestine Conflict: Home

This guide provides resources to learn about the present conflict in Israel and Palestine through the lens of social justice.

Why Palestine Matters?

The socio-political religious conflict between Palestine and Israel creates significant tension and disagreement; one thing that is agreed upon is that no one agrees. The situation in both the West Bank and Gaza is both dire and ambiguous and there is no clear, easily agreeable solution about what can be done to bring a lasting peace to the region. While opinions differ on both the history and present reality on the ground in both Israel proper and the occupied territories, the truth is that, since the Nakba, or catastrophe, of the Israeli war against the Palestinian people in 1948, Palestine has been shrinking.

Digital Resources

Palestine in Art and Film

The Great Book Robbery, chronicles of cultural destruction. The story of 70,000 Palestinian books that were looted by the newly created State of Israel in 1948. The film interweaves various storylines into a structure that is both dramatically compelling and emotionally unsettling. The interviews center on eyewitness accounts and cultural critiques that place the book theft affair in a larger historical-cultural context; in the process, new light is shed on the Palestinian tragedy of 1948 and the moralistic-heroic Israeli narrative of the 1948 war is deconstructed.

Print Resources

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Online Resources